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You might not know what financial threats are out there, but you know they exist and you know you can't be complacent about them. Equally, by not taking action, you might be open to legal action too. Where's the dividing line? What measures are required and how do you put them in place? It calls for a specialist service. It calls for McAllen Consultancy Services. We work with businesses all over the UK, get in touch to discuss your situation.

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Through our team at McAllen Consultancy Services, we can assess your business setup and help you put in place the right measures to mitigate your financial risk, whether it's from criminal activity or regulatory legislation. We can establish investigative methodologies in the area of financial crimes and help in the process of taking that forward in whatever legal process is applicable. We can also develop strategies to combat and prevent them. This works towards establishing systems with deterrents to help ensure adherence to  regulatory compliance so that you're always on the right side of the law. And if staff members require any training, either business-wide or on an individual level, we can provide that too. Together, you'll have all the necessary tools in place to identify, fight and investigate financial risk.

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  • Specialist team

  • Comprehensive approach

  • Professional service

  • Tenacity to succeed

  • 30 years' experience in law enforcement

  • Accredited team (we have an Accredited National Fraud Investigator and Money Laundering Expert on board)

It's peace of mind - Not only when it comes to the risk of financial crime but also when it comes to your obligations in fighting it.
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